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Cat Boarding

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Struggletown reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet displaying signs of a contagious illness as the health and safety of our boarding pets is extremely important to us. If your pet develops any signs of being unwell at any time prior to coming into boarding, it must be booked in for a consultation with one of our vets, in order to assess health status and suitability for boarding.

Should your pet still be able to stay in our boarding facility but require daily medication this will incur an additional daily charge of $7 whilst the medication needs to be administered.

Should your pet be assessed as unfit for boarding and you are unable to make alternative arrangements for your pet’s care, it may be possible to house your pet in our isolation facility at a cost of double the normal rate per day, dependent on availability.

Should your pet develop any contagious illness during their stay and needs to be transferred to our isolation area, the additional cost of double the normal rate per day will be incurred by the owner.



Cats are housed in two-level cages with an upstairs bed lined with a fluffy blanket for sleeping and a downstairs with litter box and food. We have a separate, air-conditioned and noise-proofed room exclusively for cats.

Our dedicated kennel hands take care that your cat’s stay is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

If you have two cats they can stay together, or be housed separately if you wish.

We will not accept cats to board for a period of longer than 4 weeks. If you require a stay longer than this, we can provide details of a more suitable facility.



Cats are fed premium quality dry food twice daily. If your cat is a fussy eater or on a special diet then please advise our nurses and this can be easily accommodated. Please feel free to bring in the diet that your cat most prefers.

If we have to provide wet food because your cat will not eat the dry food in kennels, this can be provided at an additional cost of $2 per can of food.

Due Occupational health and safety issues for our staff, we cannot allow any raw food feeding while in our boarding facilities.


Special Care

If your cat has any special needs – for example a medical condition – then medication can be given whilst in boarding. There is a medication fee of $7 per day (regardless of how much, or how many times the animals is to be medicated).

If your cat needs any veterinary attention whilst in boarding please advise the nurses when you drop off your cat and stipulate this on your boarding admission form.

Please ensure to fill out the boarding form stipulating allowance of veterinary care if required while in boarding. IF YOU WILL BE OVERSEAS OR NON-CONTACTABLE DURING YOUR ANIMALS STAY, YOU MUST PROVIDE US WITH AN ALTRENATE CONTACT WHO HAS PERMISSION TO MAKE VETERINARY DECISIONS FOR YOUR ANIMAL on the chance that it is required.

Any cats over the age of 10 who are not regular patients at Struggletown will require a health check consultation to assess and discuss any possible health concerns at least ONE WEEK prior to boarding. Unfortunately the stress of boarding in a strange environment can sometimes exacerbate underlying conditions that were not noticeable to an owner. A health check minimises the chances of unwanted complications during a boarding visit.


Stress Reduction

Cats can become anxious when in boarding as they are creatures of habit and dislike being taken out of their normal environment. We often find that cats will eat poorly for their first day in boarding but usually settle by the following day.

We try to minimise the stress they experience by:

Limiting their visual or auditory contact with any dogs in the hospital or boarding.

Limiting their experience of other cats

Assessing if they need more attention (for example, Burmese cats will be much happier with some personalised attention) or less (some cats are stressed by strangers and need to have a minimum of handling)

Using Feliway vapouriser if necessary (this releases a pheromone that has a calming and settling effect on cats).


Vaccination and Health Care

All cats with an out of date vaccination status must be fully vaccinated with an F3 vaccination at least 2 weeks before coming into boarding (no exceptions).

If your cat has regular up to date vaccinations at Struggletown, and is due at the time of boarding, then we can do it when your cat arrives.

Please ensure your cat has been wormed and treated for fleas before coming in. We can do this if needed. All cats will be given a single flea tablet called ‘capstar’ on admission to ensure that all animals are flea free before entering our boarding facility. This will be at a cost of $7 to the owner of the cat, and will be on top of normal preventative flea care.


Drop off and collection

Boarding drop-off and pick-up times will be between the hours of 7:30-9:30am and 4:00-6:30pm on Mon-Fri, and between 9:00-11:00am and 4:00-6:30pm on Sat-Sun. Please allow yourself a 10-15 minutes when you arrive so that the nurses/animal attendants can check your details and ask about any special needs.

Please note the hospital is not open on public holidays so you will need either drop off or pick up your cat on the next non-public holiday day.


Fees and bookings

Cats boarding is $29 per calendar day. If they are boarding on a public holiday the rate will be $58 on the public holiday.

The full costs for the stay of your cat’s boarding will be required upfront prior to, or on the day of drop-off. There may be additional costs on pick-up depending on your animals stay.

Peak holiday periods (ie, Easter, Christmas, School Holidays) and long weekends will require a non-refundable deposit of $100 to be paid upfront to secure and hold your booking. This amount will be taken off the cost of your cats stay when they come.

Upon making a booking at our facility, you will be emailed a copy of your boarding form. This must be signed and returned ASAP along with proof of up to date vaccination status. THE BOOKING CANNOT BE CONFIRMED UNTIL WE HAVE RECEIVED THESE FORMS.



Thanks for taking the time to read the above, understanding, and complying with our policies. We look forward to having your furry little friend have an amazing time staying here with us.