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Wildlife Clinic | Struggletown Veterinary Hospital

Wildlife Clinic

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Struggletown Veterinary Hospital
148 Barker Street
NSW 2031

(02) 9398 8000

We provide free first aid and treatment for sick and injured wildlife and birds in association with the organisations WIRES and Sydney Wildlife.

If you find a sick or injured animal or bird then place it in a box lined with a towel and take it to a safe and quiet place until you can bring it into the clinic. If you are unable to so this then call WIRES on 8977 3333. Remember the organisation is entirely run by volunteers and can get very busy especially in spring and summer.

If you are able to bring it in to the clinic then it will be checked by one of our vets and treated if necessary. If the animal can be rehabilitated then it will passed onto a qualified WIRES carer until ready for re-release.

There is no charge for this service but a donation to our wildlife clinic or to WIRES is always appreciated.

A Possum suffering from stress dermatitis and malnutrition before treatment:

The possum after 6 weeks of treatment by WIRES and our vets: